David Rapoport: a.k.a. RAPORTSKY:

I put my heart and soul into my work.

Is it: non-Photography, non-Video, non-Art, non-Music?

1) A photograph has a speck of truth in it. An artwork has more.

2) The best kind of art is chance / mistake.

3) Art is more truthful than photography: art exhibits intention.

4) A photograph is 99 percent fantasy.

5) Photography is the limitation, but it is also the possibility.

6) The best kind of knowledge: is that which contradicts itself: because it is active and dynamic. This is also true about artistic expression.

JGD. ---dr.


05:56. Version 2 (4k version is also available). Photography and Art: THE COMMUNICATION: The perception: and relating to people, as light. Photography as 99% fantasy. The photograph is like a a magic trick: we see, but it is mostly about what we do not see, or what is hidden from view: and this is the grand illusion of it.

It can also be about cosmic energy, some kind of mental perception, lightness, sensibility, or energy in motion. I believe that photography sees differently than we do, and this is the fascination of it for me. We begin to notice a difference: in the camera eye, and how we would visualize the subject, if we were actually there. This reality shift is the METAPHYSICS: contained in these portraits.

WHAT I SEEK (I want to achieve): 1) some other intelligence, 2) state of awareness, 3) sense of clarity, 4) a broader vision, 5) a better sensibility of things, 6) a bigger fascination, 7) knowledge and wisdom, 8) a more positive world, 9) a sense of openness, 11) abundance, and 12) spiritual love.

My aspirations for all of these attributes are a major part of what I do. For me, this process is ultimately about fulfillment: for the artist, and also for the viewer. I want to work, and improve the lives of other people: I make photographs to serve others. This is how I see it.

SPECIFICS: THEME PARK: original (finished) artworks: on paper: each one is 8x10, 20.25x16.25, or 20.25x30.25 inches in size.

Special thanks to GuruDev (JGD), Robert, Peter H., Peter, Arne, Silvio, Elinor, Julie, Paul, NYU, SVA, and Art Students League.

2015 by David Rapoport. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

(Part 1) Metaphysical Portraits: Print Gallery:

(Part 2) Tints, Smudges, and Strokes: Print Gallery:

COMPUTER ART: from David Rapoport on Vimeo.

09:03. Rated: PG: for Fine Art Figure Studies (Also available in 4k resolution):

Thank goodness for freedom of expression! Artworks created on vintage, state of the art, desktop computers: from 1992-2003, by David Rapoport.

© 2017 by David Rapoport. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Computer Art: Print Gallery:

NEW YORK as THEME PARK: from David Rapoport on Vimeo.


Artworks. This is New York, the way you always wanted it to be. This series happened as a result of some unexpected, dissipation of energy, on paper.

PROCESS / IDEA: It came about randomly, but also systematically:I started as 35mm still film images.

The beginning stages were embellished, with art materials. Somehow, I envisioned what the results would be before the works were completed, specifically: while I was in the process of constructing them.

This premonition was the theme park. The visual information about harmony, and the city that is bigger than life.

This interpretation of the urban landscape was created to make others feel more alive, using my personal mind associations of my feelings about the place. Dare I use the word: spiritual, about this work?

SPECIFICS: THEME PARK: original (finished) artworks: on paper: each one is 20.25x16.25 inches in size.

Special thanks to GuruDev, Robert, Peter H., Peter, Arne, Silvio, Elinor, Julie, SVA, and Art Students League.

© 2015 by David Rapoport. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

New York as Theme Park: Print Gallery:

David Rapoport: TRIPLE ALBUM: from David Rapoport on Vimeo.

David Rapoport: TRIPLE ALBUM:

18 new versions of (my original) old songs, that I rediscovered while listening a portable HD audio player: in the exact order that they played at that time.

Trailer: Excerpts from:

Part (Side) 01: 01- In that Magic: (Special thanks to Vado Diomande for his sampled drum sounds), and: Part (Side) 06: 18- Wondering.

It is amazing how the world can effect so many big emotions in me, and totally move me to create.

This collection of songs is about my past. It is also about the gift. It is 100 percent: heart and soul. It is mostly from the subconscious: stream of consciousness. It is about relating in all possible ways.

Late at night, I played my LPs on my stereo, while watching TV, with no sound. The horizontal and vertical hold was set to distort the picture. We would listen, listen, watch, and watch.

The songs, and visuals that I create evolve, and they are ever-changing. This is the nature of the art. There are six parts to this recording. Each part represents an album side. Six album sides make up a triple record set.

I hope that you enjoy David Rapoport: TRIPLE ALBUM: JGD.

Song List:

Part (Side) 01: 01- In that Magic (12:16): (Special thanks to Vado Diomande for his sampled drum sounds). 02- Amazing Grace (03:24)

Part (Side) 02: 03- West Village Song (27:01)

Part (Side) 03: 04- Electric Chorale (You are the One) (05:42) 05- Self (10:00) - (Special thanks to Toru Hoshino and Osamu Fukuzaki for sampled sounds). 06- Song for SHIVA (Short Version) (03:45) 07- A Prayer (05:16)

Part (Side) 04: 08- Anne (04:09) 09- Hare Narayana Hare (Multi-track Version) 10- Hare Narayana Hare (Solo/Duet Version) (Special thanks to Deena Granowetter for playing cello on this track) (05:00) 11- Jazz Song (15:20)

Part (Side) 05: 12- Just Fooling Around (02:54) 13- Bakery Song (05:06) 14- People (08:06) 15- Please Forgive Me (Set You Free) (12:06)

Part (Side) 06: 16- Sophie (04:15) 17- This Little Light of Mine (05:15) 18- Wondering (03:35)

Special thanks to: GuruDev (for His great wisdom, spirituality, and inspiration - JGD), Shelly, Robert, Charles, R. M. Fund, Laraaji, Herman, J. Uttal, Bob, Aram, Fred, Manish, John, Bobby, and George.

2016 by David Rapoport. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

SMALL TOWN PROJECT: from David Rapoport on Vimeo.

Version 2 (this video is available in 4k resolution): FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY: I created these video photo-essays about (the concept of) quality of life in certain specific places. I explore why this is significant. Tthe cultures that exist here and there, and the importance of lifestyles of the people who reside in these towns, are investigated.

People who do things in their own way offer us a glimpse into something unknown to us, with tremendous value for society, and humankind.

My realizations were made through stream of consciousness, and conscious awareness. I offer the viewer: something new and different. These places could not exist without those people who live there.

09:42. THIS PLACE: from the SMALL TOWN PROJECT: series: This video is about a place in New York. This work is a photo-slideshow of fine art street photographs (2014-6). I added narration (commentary), and original guitar music, by David Rapoport.

Special thanks to GuruDev (JGD), Robert, Charles, Shelly, Silvio, Elinor, Paul, Mark, David, NYU, and SVA.

2016 by David Rapoport. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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