BEYOND THE PICTURE from David Rapoport on Vimeo.

2013. BEYOND THE PICTURE is collection of digital images about: the picture, person, experience of the image, and longing for what is beyond it. It is about the difference between the physical subject, and the image object. I explore the psychology, science, patterns, the spirit, and the knowledge of the visuals that I create. Going beyond the picture, is stepping out of the known and planned, into some new and unknown place. The longing is the true fulfillment.

© 2013 by David Rapoport. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

GUITAR TWO (Universal) from David Rapoport on Vimeo.

GUITAR TWO (Track 02) from the CD Entitled: GUITAR MUSIC. /// This is s a 5 minute excerpt from this track (guitar only, 2014). /// Imagery is from the series: UNIVERSAL, by David Rapoport, 2013. /// This is an attempt to capture the magic. Acoustic guitar work by Dr. Special thanks to GuruDev, and Charles.

© 2014 by David Rapoport. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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