A Few Words About Art, Life Practice, and Knowledge:

1) Art: Smaller moves / waves, done in the right ways: are extremely effective.

2) The best kind of deal or arrangement happens: when everyone involved wins something useful out of it.

3) You can get what you want: but only when you know what it is. Otherwise, some idiot will come along and tell you what you must like: a whole gamut of things:

...which (most often) turns out to be: less than what is promised in the sales pitch.

4) People need to do what they want, or need to, as long as they do NOT: 1) bother anyone, and 2) try to take over any existing social system.

5) Artworks come from consciousness, and go back into consciousness.

6) For me, art is taking the middle ground: every word has multiple dimensions, every sound has millions of harmonics, every image has thousands of meanings. I aspire to this.

Thank you for your interest and consideration.

JGD. ---dr.



The perception: and relating to people, as light.

Photography as 99% fantasy.

The photograph is like a a magic trick: we see, but it is mostly about what we do not see, or what is hidden from view: and this is the grand illusion of it.

(Photo: 2014. Woman in Car, Version #4. Mixed Media).

It is about cosmic energy, mental perception, lightness, sensibility, or energy in motion.

Photography sees differently than we do, which is the fascination of it for me.

We begin to notice a difference: in the camera eye. We visualize the subject differently, if we were actually there.

This reality shift is: the METAPHYSICS: contained in these mixed media portraits.

WHAT I SEEK (in my work):

1) higher intelligence, 2) awareness, 3) clarity, 4) broader vision, 5) sensibility of things in the world, 6) fascination, 7) knowledge 8) wisdom, 9) positive mind, 10) state of wellbeing, 11) openness for all beings, 12) abundance of material things, necessities, and things that feed the intellect, and: 13) spirituality.

My aspirations for all of these interests / goals are a major part of what I do.

This process is about the ultimate fulfillment: food for the artist, and also for those who look.

MY PURPOSE (why do I do this?):

I want to work, and improve the lives of other people:

I make photographs to serve others.

This is how I see it.


METAPHYSICAL PORTRAITS: consists of original works on paper: from 8x10 to 22.25x30.25 inches in size.