A Few Words About Collected Knowledge:

1) Smaller moves / waves, done in the right ways: are extremely effective.

2) The best kind of deal or arrangement happens: when everyone involved wins something useful out of it.

3) You can get what you want: but only when you know what it is. Otherwise, some idiot will come along and tell you what you must like: the unhappiness.

4) People need to do what they want as long as they do NOT: 1) bother others, and 2) try to take over.

Thank you for your interest and consideration.

JGD. ---dr.

Photo: Image_19_20. (2015).

This is New York, the way you always wanted it to be.

This series happened as a result of some unexpected, dissipation of energy, on paper.

It came about randomly, but also systematically:

I started as 35mm still film images.

The beginning stages were embellished, with art materials.

Somehow, I envisioned what the results would be before the works were completed, specifically: while I was in the process of constructing them.

This premonition was the theme park.

The visual information about harmony, and the city that is bigger than life.

This interpretation of the urban landscape was created to make others feel more alive, using my personal mind associations of my feelings about the place.

Dare I use the word: spiritual about this work?

Special thanks to GuruDev, Mom, Dad, Robert, Peter, Elinor, and Julie.

© 2015 by David Rapoport. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.